Alexa Bliss Studios -Artist Photo

Alexa Bliss - Artist

Creating, designing, drawing, illustrating, painting, writing, and making things -- Art and beauty and the enchanting spirit of imagination have forever been part of her life.

~ Alexa Bliss ~
Elegantly Playful
Joyful Refinement
Magical Adventure
Charming Sophistication
Lighthearted Expression
Whimsical Wisdom 

Alexa is an artist, designer, and all-around creator and maker. Together with her husband, photographer Stefan Roth, their clients have ranged from Fortune 500 companies, Intel and SAIC, to boutique advertising, small start-up businesses and innumerable individuals.

Commission Work

Please contact me to discuss your project.
As I expand upon this website, I will show more samples of past and current work.
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Alexa Bliss Studios - Greeting Cards

We are a small family-run company in So. Cal. All of our cards are printed in-house. We take pride in our attention to detail and creating beautiful, lighthearted products that bring out smiles.

Our main line we’ve nicknamed Critter Cards. These whimsical little creatures each have a story to tell. The poems on the back reveal a glimpse into the lives of each. Every one has their own playful, graceful, heartfelt, innocent and joyful whimsy!

Thank you for your interest in unique, original artists and small America companies.

Please contact us to create an account for wholesale orders.

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